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Addiction causes plenty of harm to anyone’s normal living. Addiction to painkillers has turned into a typical kind of drug in taking nowadays. With time, this addiction tends to turn into severe, and receiving rid of it becomes even more difficult.

Long-term addiction to oxycodone can lead to severe damage to different organs within the body.

opium addiction in 2016

In such conditions, even just a small quantity of the drug may lead to fatal overdose. Although snorting this drug gives you a high, consider the severe harm it’s capable of causing.

Thus, one should make sure that the drug is taken in accordance with the help of the health care provider. It is largely manufactured by combining with different drugs, especially acetaminophen.

Opium Addiction in 2016 choices

Meaning, you will require another quantity of drug to go through the same degree of `high’.

Both drugs are offered in generic form and don’t cost much. It’s always preferable to avoid these drugs as they’re not only harmful to your wellbeing but they can even destroy your career.

Procuring this prescription drug illegally may also end up being hazardous to your well being.

On the opposite hand, in instances wherein prescribed medication are liable for the condition, it can take a full day before the symptoms start surfacing. In such conditions, you can resort to prescribed medication or house remedies to lessen the high level of the signs.


Heroin what you need to know. http://opiumeffects.com/heroin-what-you-need-to-know/ Sat, 06 Oct 2012 14:19:40 +0000 http://opiumeffects.com/?p=161  Heroin All you need to know


Heroin is a highly addictive drug that has devastating effects on the health of a person. The drug is derived or extracted from a poppy plant.

Heroin is an illegal drug all over the globe and comes with devastating effects on the health and well being of a person. It’s a powerful drug that makes a person dependent on it in a dangerous way.

Heroin has been known to affect the ability of the brain to perceive pain and therefore a person under its influence can undergo irredeemable damage without them knowing.Heroin comes from Opium Poppy. It’s imperative to note that abusers of the drug use it in a variety of ways. These are:

•           Injections

•           Smoked in water or standard pipe

•           Inhaled as a smoke

•           Snorted as powder through the nose

How various individuals use the drug is wholly dependent on the preference of a person as well as they type of heroin. It’s of essence to note that there is pure heroin and heroine which is mixed by marijuana. This does not however mean that the effects of the drug are any different. As such, individuals are advised against abusing heroin because of some of the irreversible effects that come with abusing it. Some of the short term effects of using heroin include:

•           Euphoric feeling

•           Heavy extremists

•           Dry mouth

•           Drowsiness

•           Slurred speech

•           Constricted pupils

•           Vomiting

•           Constipation

•           Impaired night vision

It’s imperative to note that the short term effects of abusing heroin lasts only a few hours. They appear as soon as a person takes a single dose and this is an indication of how powerful the drug is. Prolonged use of heroin leads to long term and devastating effects such as:

•           Collapsed veins

•           Heart lining and valves infection

•           Liver disease

•           Cellulites

•           Pulmonary complications

•           Clogging of the blood vessels

•           Death

Abusers of heroin develop greater tolerance the more they keep abusing the drug. This essentially means that an abuser is forced to take larger portions of heroin in order to experience his desired effect of being high.

The consumption of heroin is illegal in all parts of the globe. In fact, there is not a single country that has legalized the use of heroin. Heroin addicts become fully dependent on the drug and therefore end up becoming withdrawn from family members and friends.

They exhibit erratic behavior and some form of aggression. They also stand a higher chance of contracting the dreaded HIV aids because of sharing of the needles during injections.

The best way to prevent over-reliance on the use of heroin is by seeking treatment. In as much as quitting the problematic due to the high levels of addiction, the benefits far outweigh the pain that a person may experience. Withdrawal symptoms are usually devastating and therefore a person an abuser should be prepared for the long painful road of treatment. The effects of the drug should be reason enough as to why a person should desist from taking the heroine drug.

Opium Effects “The Deal” http://opiumeffects.com/opium-effects-the-deal/ Sat, 22 Sep 2012 10:58:07 +0000 http://opiumeffects.com/?p=119 The Opium Effects Deal.


Opium effects, from the opium poppy and Opium Effects are often (wrongly) believed to be the less destructive drug of choice. The truth is, while it may not get as much attention as the other types of substance abuse, opium effects are just as alarming and harmful as the rest of them.

Remember, the notorious heroin drug is essentially a more potent drug that’s a synthetic derivative of opium. So if you’re aware of the devastating wreck heroin leaves on our bodies, keep in mind that opium effects can be just as terrible. It is extremely important to shed the light on opium and its effects on our healthy bodies.

The depressant has been used as a medicine and painkiller since nearly two thousand years ago, but only manifested negative opium effects when it began to be smoked in the 17th century. As proven later, opium effects come much slower when it is eaten or drank, than when the drug is smoked.
For one, a distressing indication of opium effects taking place is an intense addiction settling in. Tolerance, or the practice of having to increasing the dosage to achieve the same effect, soon becomes necessary, and withdrawal symptoms start to be evident when the user tries to cut back. Like withdrawal from other forms of addiction, symptoms include restlessness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety and body aches, among others.

Of course, there are reasons why people tend to seek out this drug. Short-term opium effects are usually pleasurable ones, believed to be similar to the effects of alcohol consumption, a fellow depressant. Once taken, an opium user almost immediately feels blissful, relaxed and strangely free from all anxieties. This euphoric high will ride itself out for a few hours.


Constant use of this substance may lead to unavoidable and undesirable long-term opium effects. Aside from the addiction that’s incredibly tough to break free of, it will affect other parts of your life that’s not apparent from the beginning.
Opium effects cost dearly, just as every addiction has personal consequences. Chasing after a drug so desperately may cause problems on relationships, commitments, finances and careers.

Drug Abuse

Most significantly, you’re health will certainly suffer greatly from the continuous drug abuse. Opium effects in the body include an increased risk of heart disease or infection. Other areas to watch out for are collapsed veins and liver diseases which may prove to be sensitive areas and a considerable risk.
If you’re a recovering user, try to listen to your body and keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Make sure you stop by the doctor’s office for check-ups once in a while to be safe. After all, subjecting yourself to the drug must mean you are left to endure the opium effects that come much later.

The defense and immune system of an addict – even a former addict – are left incredibly diminished and unable to protect the body against the simplest infections. An infection that opium users are particularly susceptible to is pneumonia.

It will come gradually, in time, but opium effects will eventually wreck havoc on the human body and life.

Opium Facts http://opiumeffects.com/opium-facts/ Sat, 08 Sep 2012 04:15:42 +0000 http://opiumeffects.com/?p=99 Opium Facts

Understanding All about Opium

Opium is a drug that is basically extracted from the popular poppy plant. Unlike other powerful drugs, opium is basically as a prescribed drug and only becomes problematic when a person becomes over-reliant on it. Some of the opium facts are that the drug is extracted from a poppy plant and that it’s also used as drug in hospitals. Opium facts are many very instrumental to individuals who have little or insufficient information on opium. One of the interesting opium facts is that it’s addictive and comes with devastating side effects such as:

•           Loss of appetite

•           Brain damage

•           Damage of blood vessels

•           Depression

•           Erratic behavior

•           Aggressiveness

•           Sweating

•           Vomiting

•           To some extent even death

Information on opium facts is of essence especially to individuals who have scanty information on opium and its symptoms. Prolonged use of opium has devastating effects on the well being of a person. A person becomes a walking wreck and fully dependent on the drug. Opium facts state that prolonged use of the drug leads to an abuser needing high doses to experience the same effects he felt when he first set out. Interesting opium facts can be found from medical journals, the internet and sites which are dedicated towards enlightening individuals against the use of hard drugs.

Over-reliance on opium is discouraged everywhere across the World.

This is because of the way in which it makes individuals to develop erratic behavior as well as become aggressive. A look at opium facts is of essence in helping individuals understands the effects of using opium as well as why it’s important to seek for early treatment in case a person becomes addicted to it.

Another interesting opium facts is the fact that there many state and federal laws which have been institutionalism prohibiting the amount of opium that can be produced as well as the amount to be prescribed to a patient. The use of opium should only be limited to medical purposes. However, doctors should ensure that the prescriptions are not beyond what is required by law and that the patients do not end being dependent on the drug. It’s imperative that prolonged use of the drug is quite dangerous as it makes the users fully dependent on it in order to do anything meaning by them.

Individuals who are clueless about the devastating effects of opium should take a moment to familiarize themselves with opium facts.

This includes how an addition comes about. How it can be treated as well as how to diagnose the addiction. Opium facts are well document and therefore the onus is on a person to get as much information as possible so as to be enlightened on how they can keep opium addition at bay.

Opium facts generally talk of the historical aspect of the drug opium, its medical use, its diagnosis, its treatment and how individuals can get over the addiction in the shortest time possible. As such, it’s very important that abusers get all the opium facts so as to learn how they can piece their lives and do something constructive out of it.

Opium Addiction http://opiumeffects.com/opium-addiction/ Wed, 08 Aug 2012 12:43:24 +0000 http://opiumeffects.com/?p=73 Opium Addiction

Opium is a drug that is extracted from the popular poppy plant. Like other hard drugs, prolonged use of opium leads to devastating effects which might inadvertently affect the health and well being of a person. Over-reliance on opium leads to an addiction which could prove devastating to the health of a person. Opium addiction is basically an uncontrollable desire to use opium. The addiction is usually so strong that a person can do anything just to get a dose of opium.

How to overcome it

It’s imperative to note that opium is a common drug used for medical purposes. It is generally prescribed to relieve pain but patients tend to become reliant on it. Opium addiction is a very serious condition especially when a patient continues to depend on it even after the purpose for which it was prescribe is achieved.


There are many symptoms that a person can tell of a person with opium addiction. These symptoms are:

•           Having excessive thoughts about consuming opium

•           Secretiveness on the use of opium

•           Uncontrollable craving to use opium

•           Misuse of finances to acquire opium

•           Appetite loss

•           Hallucinations

It’s imperative to note that there are complications which are associated with opium addiction. These are:

•           Health problems

•           Having relationship problems

•           Developing depression

•           Problems at workplace

•           Social problems

All the above mentioned problems are as a result of opium addiction and can be very devastating. Opium addiction has the capability to wreck a person’s life. It makes a person fully dependant on drugs and as such cannot do anything useful without consuming the drug. The fact that the opium is prescribed as a drug should not be construed to mean that it should be relied upon. Many people have fallen into opium addiction because they continued using it long after the purpose for which it was prescribed has been treated. Diagnosing opium addiction early is of essence in ensuring that individuals get quality treatment and that they cease from being dependent on the drug.

Quitting the addiction

Opium addiction can be treated if the abuser willingly makes up their mind to quit. In as much as quitting the addiction might be a herculean task; the benefits far outweigh the pain that one goes through. The first step towards opium addiction treatment is by the abuser first realizing that the addiction is a problem and therefore there is a need to change ones ways. A person should also undergo motivational therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, addiction treatment programs, and psychotherapy among many others. All these initiatives are meant to provide an individual with a platform to relieve himself of opium addiction.


Patients who have an opium addiction as a result of a prescription from a doctor should make a conscious decision to quit using the drug. The treatment might pose some form of challenges but it’s the best option if a person wants to lead a drug free life. Opium addiction is devastating but this does not mean that a person cannot quit. The withdrawal symptoms could be as nasty as they come but with sheer determination, anyone can quit using or being over-reliant on the drug.


Heroin effects http://opiumeffects.com/heroin-effects/ Wed, 25 Apr 2012 03:00:01 +0000 http://opiumeffects.com/?p=52 What are the heroin effects?


Among other addictive drugs, heroin has been used by many people and in turn they have been through the heroin effects. The method you are using to take the drug does not matter. The effects will be the same, and in other cases even worse. Heroin targets the central nervous system, and destroys it.  There are long term effects of the drug, and short term effects.

heroin effects

Short Term.

The short term heroin effects include, it gives you a euphoria feeling. This may also be accompanied by a warm skin flushing. You will also have the feeling that your legs and arms are heavy, and your mouth is very dry. After this, the user will experience drowsiness, usually referred to as the nod.

Since the target of heroin drug is on the central nervous system, you find that the user will have a mind that is cloudy. Then after that, you will begin to breathe at a rate that is very slow. This is dangerous and may result to failing to breathe and death respectively.

Long Term.

drug effectsThe long term effects of taking heroin are more damaging to the body. To the people who take in heroin by way of injection, they do this by the use of one needle. This will put them at the risk of contracting the deadly HIV and AIDS. Then, heroin affects the heart lining and the body valves. This is brought about by the absence of sterile.

Most people, who have used the drug continually, may develop a liver disease by at some point in their life. The injection and sharing of the snorting tube of the drug, brings about hepatitis C. it also brings about kidney diseases. Having the kidney diseases is very painful, and it may lead you to the grave very easily.

Also there are the infection related effects that take place on the pulmonary. Heroin also affects the skin, and abscesses. The people who take the drug by way of injection may have chronic injections, and therefore suffer veins that are either scarred, or they result to collapsing.

Apart from the long and short term effects of taking heroin, there is the risk of death posed by overdosing. Al drugs are supposed to be prescribed, and they must have a limit. Having an overdose of the drug may result to an instant death. Overdosing may be accidental, or may take place intentionally.

Secondly, taking the drug from the streets may be more dangerous than taking pure heroin. This is because it has to be mixed with other ingredients that may pose a more serious health risk. This should be completely avoided. Staying clean away from drugs is the best way for your body and health.

Opium Effects look out for them. http://opiumeffects.com/opium-effects/ http://opiumeffects.com/opium-effects/#respond Wed, 04 Feb 2009 07:14:04 +0000 http://opiumeffects.com/?p=1 Opium Poppy

Opium Effects

At the moment the word “opium” may not strike as much fear in the hearts of concerned parents – after all, opium as a drug is no longer mentioned much in the context of modern drug addiction. This does not mean, however, that opium no longer exists as a recreational drug.


Opium dens may no longer exist they way they did during the Victorian era, but the drug itself is still used to manufacture powerful, more addictive recreational drugs. And opium effects remain essentially the same throughout the years, no matter what happens.

Opium effects generally last for four hours, though they may last longer or shorter depending on the circumstances. Included in the list of opium effects are feelings of numbness (you can’t feel pain or stress), a strange sense of euphoria and emotional detachment from events and other people, loss of appetite, and drowsiness.

opium drugOf course, the more harmful opium effects happen to be vomiting, increased urination and sweating (which lead to dehydration if ignored), impaired vision, loss of conscious focus and, most alarmingly, death.

Drug abuse

Generally there are many drugs and ways to abuse yourself using them, substance abuse is not good and should you see signs of strange behaviour and mood swings in family members or your friends this could be the first indication of some sort of substance abuse that can lead to the use of stronger drugs such as crystal meth, heroin etc.

Without making a noise or fuss you should check out your loved ones if you suspect something may be wrong.

This website whilst available is dedicated to educating you about opium effects, substance abouse and other addictive recreational drugs..

In this section of the site, we will be including extensive descriptions of opium effects for your added knowledge.


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